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Q. Is American Foul Brood an American disease and European Foul Brood a European disease?

A. No. Both diseases can occur in the UK and are notifiable, though American Foul Brood is much more prevalent in North America. They were named based on where they were first discovered.


Q. I have heard of Nosema but is it really a problem?

A. Yes. Nosemosis in a hive will not necessarily cause its collapse but it is a compounding factor together with others, such as Varroa and viruses. It is a commonly diagnosed condition in the UK, and though there is currently no licensed product for its treatment, there is a feed supplement, Vita Gold, that helps control the condition.


Q. What is the treatment of Varroa?

A. There is no single treatment for Varroa in a colony. It can be a difficult pest to overcome and requires a number of techniques and products for proper control. This is known as Intergrated Pest Management.


Q. What is the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?

A. We as yet have no definitive cause for CCD. It is the focus of a lot of research, and is likely to be due to a multiple compounding issues, such as Varroa, viruses and nosema. There may also be links to pesticide use.


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